Running with the NetSuite Reseller Crowd

October 14, 2013 by The New Office

This month we officially became a NetSuite reseller. For us, it means something to smile about. For you, it means you can now buy NetSuite directly from us. And, we hope it makes you smile too. Not only will you have more control and pricing power, but we’ll be able to impact the sales process earlier.

Last week, NetSuite reported its third quarter results, beating even Wall Street’s best in their estimated sales growth. At our start in 2009, we knew NetSuite was hot. And years later, it still holds true. If anything, NetSuite’s continued growth in channel sales and revenue gains proves the promise of NetSuite (check out NetSuite’s 61% rise in stock this year). This is why we are excited to officially be a NetSuite reseller. And why you should be too. Unlike others in the IT industry that have suffered greatly in the current economic strains, NetSuite has weathered the rollercoaster ride better than most.

Our introduction into the reseller world it just one step more in our own growth—beating along a similar path as NetSuite, but building upon it more too. With companies like Workday going public, and striking hot at that, things are looking positive. We feel it. Do you? We’re energized. Driven. Invigorated by the electricity surrounding the cloud, NetSuite, and SaaS. Sure, you can buy NetSuite directly from us now, but the glory is in what’s ahead—how we are expanding our services and how NetSuite will make your business even better.

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